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Exhibition 2011

A visual account of our opening night - a great time had by all and we're sad to say it closes tomorrow. A brilliant week, looking forward to next year already!

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Exhibition 3rd June: Drawing Dublin Together - Collective Perspectives

Dublin Sketchers announce 2nd Annual Exhibition


A group of amateur artists brought together by a common passion for sketching and painting are exploring every corner of Dublin every Sunday, including its streets, galleries and beaches – resulting in a collaborative exhibition in the Sol Art Gallery on Friday 3rd June.


On show in the gallery will be a diverse range of work in a variety of mediums, showing how collective…

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Sketching at Farmleigh - Experience Japan Event - 2pm Sunday 17th

Hello all,

There have been lots of suggestions this week but the winning idea is to visit the annual Experience Japan day over in Farmleigh, Phoenix Park. The event was really lovely last year - very busy but a fantastic day out.

From the website:… Read on...

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St. Audeon's Church and Park - 2pm this Sunday 3rd April


This week we will be visiting the Christchurch area of Dublin, St. Audeon's Church in particular and the lovely but little known St. Audeon's park. Meeting at 2pm outside St. Audeon's Church, we can spread out and sketch what is of interest in the area and then meet up again at 4pm. For coffee, we will go to the Bull and Castle nearby. Everyone is welcome, hopefully the weather will be good and we can make the most of this historic area of…

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Magazine Fort - Phoenix Park - 2pm

Hello and Happy Friday to you all!

With the sun shining on us this week we have to go out and take the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors, so this Sunday we will be found wandering the Phoneix Park - specifically the area surrounding the Magazine Fort. There are spectacular views from this area across to the Dublin Mountains - so it's perfect for a nice spot of painting or sketching. We will meet at the foot of the Fort - just by the exit from the Park to the Conyngham…

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Chester Beatty and Dubh Linn Sun 20th Feb at 2pm!

It's Friday again - how the time is flying! There was a call for a visit to the Chester Beatty Library for the past few weeks so it's off to Dublin Castle and the Chester Beatty we go this Sunday. It is a very interesting area, with the Dubh Linn gardens to explore if the weather is fine.

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Sunday 6th Feb @2pm - RHA

Well hello there!

It's Friday again, how the time flies. This Sunday we are going to keep it nice and central - seeing as the weather isn't the nicest! The RHA has some interesting new exhibits taking place so I'm sure there will be something for everyone!

Meeting at 2pm, inside the main door and back there again at 4pm. We will most likely go to a cafe on Baggott Street afterwards as the cafe in the RHA closes before we finish up.

Link to…

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Moore Street - 2pm 30th Jan @ IIlac Shopping Centre Entrance!

Hi all - apologies for the delay in sending out the email today - little bit of confusion about location!

This Sunday we will meet at 2pm at the Moore Street entrance to the IIlac Shopping Centre, just off of Henry Street. There is lots to draw in the area - the City Library is upstairs in the Shopping Centre and is always interesting, Moore Street in itself is a haven of characters and of course the general hustle and bustle of the shopping centre.… Read on...

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National Art Gallery 2pm Sunday 9th January

Well hello again and happy new 2011.

I hope you all enjoyed your break and are eager to brave the hangovers this Sunday. The thing'll be on at the usual time of 2:00 and this week sees a welcome return to the National Art Gallery!! Hooray!!

Mary has it that there's a Turner exhibition on there for January. The theme is "Colour and light, caring for Turner's…

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Christmas meetup Sunday 19th 2pm!

Hi all!

It's that time of the year and I think some mulled wine and pies in the Christmas markets is just what us artists could do with this Sunday! Everyone is most welcome to join us - we'll be meeting at 2pm at the luas side entrace to the markets, sketching/painting/sipping mulled wine and meeting up with those who go wandering at 4pm in the lower markets area, by the stage.


See blog for details!

Happy Christmas everyone in Plein Eire and look…

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Kylmore Cafe Stephen's Green Shopping Centre 2pm Sunday 5th

Hi all,

This Sunday we will meet in the Kylemore Cafe, which is upstairs in the Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. Views out over the

Grafton St/Stephen's Green area should be nice with the snow, or for

those who want to brave the elements you can warm up inside afterwards

with a hot coffee!

Meet at 2pm as usual, at the entrance to Kylemore upstairs. Have a sketchpad out and you will be recognised. If you're late - just look for

the arty bunch and… Read on...

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National Museum Kildare Street @2pm Sunday 28th

This Sunday we will meet at 2pm inside the main door of the National

Museum on Kildare Street. Meet again at 4pm for some coffee at the cafe

in the Museum. There are lots of exhibits in the Museum - something for

everyone! It has been ages since we have visited so I'm sure it will be

great to take a good look around.

Everyone welcome - if you haven't met up with us before just have a sketchpad in your hand and you'll be spotted!


Tracy… Read on...

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Science Gallery on Pearse Street @2pm Sunday 21st

Hi all!

This Sunday we will visit the Science Gallery - as we haven't visited in ages. We will meet up at 2pm inside the main doors and immerse ourselves in their Green Machine project which sounds really interesting!

All newcomers welcome - should be a different day out and the Science Gallery have been very inviting so I'm sure it will be a lovely day.


Tracy …

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Sunday 14th - National Art Gallery @2pm

Hi all,

This Sunday we will meet at the Merrion Square entrance to the National Art Gallery - at 2pm. This is the entrance to the older part of the Gallery and from there you can disperse and enjoy whichever areas of the Gallery you wish. Others may wish to spend time outdoors in Merrion Square - up to you!

Meet up again at 4pm at the lovely café over in the new wing of the Gallery.

Hope to see you…

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Sunday @2pm - IMMA

Hi all,

This week Dublin Sketchers are heading to the Moderns Exhibition over at IMMA. Looks like a great exhibition and the IMMA is always a nice place to visit.

Meet at 2pm inside the main entrance and meet up again at 4pm for coffee in the cafe.

Hopefully the discussion regarding the possible change in time can be discussed

and we can decide whether or not to change it to 1pm for the winter

period,… Read on...

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Sunday 31st - Collins Barracks!

This Sunday we are heading for Collins Barracks and the National Museum of Ireland - a place we have visited many times and always go back wanting more. The courtyard itself is amazing, the architecture beautiful and the exhibitions always interesting - with the most recent Irish High Crosses exhibition currently open. Lots for everyone!

Meet up at 2pm inside the main entrance (left of the courtyard) and meet again at 4pm in the cafe…

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Grand Canal, Sunday 24th @2pm

Hi there everyone!

Hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to a nice Sunday of sketching! This week we will spend a couple of hours taking in the Autumn delights of the Grand Canal - meeting up at 2pm just outside Starbucks on the Mespil Road (just up from Baggott Street).

If some of the group find the weather too cold or wet they can stay indoors and sketch there! We will all meet again inside Starbucks at 4pm. For those who…

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Dubh Linn Gardens Sunday 2pm @Dublin Castle

This week we will head to the Dubh Linn Gardens (the original place of the dubh linn, the dark pool which gave Dublin its name!) - located behind Dublin Castle. Link to lots of info here - if the weather is bad we can just pop into Dublin Castle itself or the Chester Beatty which is always…
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Phoenix Park this Sunday!

Hi all,

Isn't it only lovely outside - so to celebrate we're going to visit Phoenix Park this Sunday and hope that the fine weather predicted won't let us down! A number of people have shown an interest in visiting the zoo - while others weren't so sure - so a compromise has been reached!

We will all meet just outside the entrance to the zoo at 2pm - those who wish to go…

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Kilmainham Museum of Modern Art @2pm Sunday 25th

Hello all

Hope this Friday finds you all well and not suffering too much after Arthur's finest yesterday! This Sunday we are all going to head for the Museum of Modern Art - mainly because it has a nice roof - so our ink won't run! There are of course some beautiful grounds if the sun does happen to show it's friendly face!

So - 2pm at the main Entrance and we'll go from there. Meet up in the cafe downstairs at 4pm - where if memory serves they have some… Read on...

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