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The saying goes, 'the best things in life are free' and just because membership of Plein Eire is free, that does not mean it is of no value to you. Your Plein Eire profile page or 'My Page' is a shop window for your art on the web.  If you google yourself, your page will come up somewhere in Google's list and the more you post and interact, the higher it will appear on the list.

While membership of Plein Eire is open only to artists, the site is visited by galleries and potential buyers who have bought paintings and given commissions on the basis of what they have found here.

So how your page looks is important.


Here are a few tips to try to make your own page more interesting and informative:

  • Buyers like to feel they know something about the artist - Ensure your profile page has a clear photo of yourself and use a text box to say a few words about who, what and where you are.
  • Can potential purchasers contact you?  - Post a link near the top of your profile page to your own website or blog or a Facebook entry just for your art. The message banner is a good place to do this. If you don't have your own website, you could include your email or mobile telephone number
  • Does your page tell your story?  - By default, 'Comments' appears near the top of your main, centre column but you can move things around to look more interesting. Try these tips: Drag and drop you picture-viewer towards the top of you page. Every profile page has a text box somewhere on the centre panel. Scroll down your page to find it. You will see the cursor turn into a 'move' arrow when it hovers over the text box. Drag it to the top of the panel. Now you can write a few lines about you and your art. Keep the text brief, simple and punchy. The length is about right If you do not have to scroll down to read all of it.    A good example is Scott Boyle's page. Include your website URL if you have one and make 'My website' a  'live link' using the text box menu while it is in 'Edit' mode.
  • A picture tells a thousand words.  In the text box you can include another small photograph 'at the easel' or 'in the studio'  or your latest favourite painting etc.
  • Be different.  Click on 'Manage My Page' and then 'Appearance' to select a theme and colours to reflect your personality or to complement your style.
  • Freshen it up.  Don't set it up and forget it.  Revisit your 'My Page' regularly and change a few things, such as the banner message, the text box photo and to add any new award or interesting bit of news about you and your art.  Static pages tend to be ignored so try to write something different on your page once a month.
  • Link up. Don't waste any opportunity to promote your page or the Plein Eire site. Copy the URL from the address bar of your profile page and paste it into press releases, posts and emails you are sending. Use the 'I'm a member of Plein Eire' badge (lower right column) to build traffic from Facebook and other websites. It looks smart and is easy to do. (click on 'Get Badge').
  • Posting artwork. Make your photos consistently well-lit, square on to your artworkand without any frame or border showing. Click for some helpful tips on how best to photograph your art HERE . Give the size and medium, and give a title - not just the camera's file reference or the date. Any comment from the artist is always helpful such as why you chose this subject, about how it was done or any little anecdote about it.  Use the 'Tags' bar to write keywords associated with the particular image - eg. the location, the subject, or other details that might bring up your painting in someone's Google search. You'd be amazed how often this can be effective.

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