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Welcome to Plein Eire.

Guidelines for use of this site:

  • Aims: Plein Eire aims to promote plein air painting. Although originating in Ireland, the site is for use by outdoor landscape artists anywhere.

  • Definition: For the purposes of this site, the definition of plein air painting is 'alla prima' directly from the motif, usually landscape and almost always outdoors. Plein air implies painting without recourse to reference material and with only minimal correcting or finishing in the studio. 

  • Profile Image: Members are required to provide a recognisable image of themselves for use as a profile image. It may be drawn, painted or photographed. It helps remember new names and faces and it seems a reasonable expectation at paint-outs to be able to recognise those whom members are meeting and painting alongside as well as providing a measure of security in such circumstances.

  • Membership: Members must be outdoor landscape painters. Membership by businesses or galleries is not permitted. Members are allocated a personal web page with a unique URL (web address) with the facility to upload photos to you own gallery of artwork. The paintings may be grouped in portfolios by theme, by location, date etc., as desired up to 100 images per member. Members' bio or CV, artist's statement and so on, may also be added to the personal page. 

  • Other Websites: Members are welcome to display a link their own website on their profile page ('My Page') provided they reciprocate by adding a badge or a web link to Plein Eire on their own website.

  • Posting images: Only plein air paintings may be posted under 'Artwork' or the 'Gallery' tab.  These must be adequately lit, photographed square-on and cropped to show no frame, no easel, no artist or background landscape. Photos posted to 'Artwork' or to the 'Paintings' tab which do not meet these criteria will be removed. You may have up to 100 images of your work. Images must be in jpg format. Ideally, resolution should be 72ppi and no larger than 750px wide. 

  • Blogs: Photos of artists at work, painting locations, paint-out events etc. may be posted as a blog under the 'Blog' tab. Tell your story and make an effort to make it interesting to all Plein Eire members.

  • Groups: Starting a plein air painting group in your area is a great way to gather interest and arrange paint-outs. Groups on Plein Eire which lie dormant and are moribund for lengthy periods will be deleted on the grounds that they may be preventing more active groups from starting up. Encourage other members of your group to play an active part in instigating paint-outs and other events.

  • Forum: To raise an issue for discussion, share information or ask a question, the Forum is the best place to do so. Titles can be grouped in categories and are more easily found and referenced in the long term, unlike Blogs, which are intended for latest happenings and plein air gossip. The Forum can be an excellent resource of shared ideas and information.

  • Events: Perhaps the most important tab on Plein Eire. Post  forthcoming paint-outs and activities under 'Events' as well as on your own Group Page. There may be new members or members of other groups who would like to join in your event. Plein Eire aims to create a network in which you, as a member, can find and be welcomed at paint-outs wherever you travel. Always upload an image when posting an event. It takes just a minute and makes your event look interesting and stand out. To Post an Event: Click 'Events', Click 'Add', Fill in the data form. NB.'Name' refers to the title of the event (usually the venue), not your name. Add a photo if you have one (try Google images). Fill in the description, Date, and other details. You can add a Google map reference if you have one. When completed, click 'Add Event' at the bottom of the page. You then have the option of inviting your Plein Eire friends or press 'Skip' to just upload your Event. When it is uploaded, copy the address bar and paste it to a comment on your Group Page, so all members of your Group will receive an alert.

  • Posting Exhibitions as 'Events': It is okay to post the opening of a plein air exhibition as an event. But to avoid having them occupy the top of our 'Events' listing for weeks, please post them twice - first, the opening as a one-day event and then the closing as a one-day event. In the description state how long the exhibition runs. On this site, priority is given to participatory events such as paint-outs, festivals and workshops. Again, remember to upload an image of the venue or one of the paintings on display or the artist at work etc.

  • Liability: Plein Eire bears no responsibility for loss of members' images or other files uploaded to the site. We strongly advise you to keep duplicate copies of images and files which are important to you.

  • More : See the 'Notes & Tips' tab for further site-user information.

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