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The 'Calendar Challenge': 12 monthly paintings of the same view.

With winter approaching it gets harder to arrange successful paint-outs so here's a little challenge to do on your own and post the results to the website. We also have a number of overseas members and this is something everyone can take part in if they wish.

The idea is an adaptation of Kevin Macpherson's 'Reflections on a Pond' project in which he painted the same view on every day of the year, taking 3 years to complete his task. I'm suggesting you choose a motif near at hand - even a view from your window - to paint one painting each month, starting in November 2011. The aim would be to try and reflect the different moods of the year, so perhaps something with a bit of greenery in it would be good, but it is up to you. Of course, you can also vary the times of day etc.

Each month you upload your painting, you should save the uploaded image to a separate album within your Plein Eire  Artwork Gallery and mark that album 'Calendar Challenge' or something like that to distinguish it from your other uploaded images

To do this, Click the 'Paintings' tab, select 'My Portfolioss' and click 'Add Portfolio' which you title appropriately as you want. Title the painting uploaded by the month, so we will know this is part of your series done for this project, so the first one you post will be 'November'.

Only your 12 calendar paintings should be in that album so we can list the links to those albums here in one location and anyone interested can browse through them to see the progress of your project. If you want to do more than one view, open a separate album for each set of 12 paintings.

Remember, if you need to skip a month for any reason, just carry on regardless - its the exercise that matters. There is no prize or winner for this one - but no limit on pleasure or reward!


Ok, here are some of the 'Calendar Girls' and boys (perhaps 12 Angry Men, The Dirty Dozen or 12 Monkeys??? ) who are up for a challenge :

Midge Ace

Norah Blount

Ann Cahill

Lynda Cookson

Donna Louise Crook

John Cullinan

Siobhan M. Dempsey

David Diaz

Sally Downey

Philip Dundon

Kevin Freeney

Alison Fox

Laura Gibney

Terence Gillespie

Norma Healy

Esther Heffernan

Lize Human

Maeve Hunter

Elaine Hurst

Margaret Kent

Rita Lett

Kevin Lewis

Greg Long

Barry Lynch

Denise Kevany

Michael Keogh

Mary McDonnell

Dee McKiernan

Jane Meyler

Deirdre Moriarty

Mary O'Carroll

Mary O'Dowd

Maura O'Halloran

Lori Putnam (Scene One)

Lori Putnam (Scene Two)

Tony Robinson

Karen Scannell

Annemieke Schenkels

Tom Scott

Svetlana Starikova

Louise Treacy

Alberto Valentini

Deirdre Walsh

Liz Walsh

 - If you want to join them, sign up by replying to this Forum and we'll add your name and put links to your Calendar Album on here. November is the first month, so be thinking of your chosen spot. As Dee McKiernan points out, it will be tough to paint something 12 times and make it interesting. On the other hand, it may free you to emphasise the mood and atmosphere, the temperature and the light as it has Kevin Macpherson. Hopefully, that will be the case but we'll enjoy the adventure of finding out and encouraging each other in this project throughout the coming 12 months. 

Any questions before we begin?

Good luck to everyone and happy painting!


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Well---as I indicated earlier, I will jump in--guess I did not make it official--have already done 2

Thanks, David. You just need to open a Portfolio and name it 'Calendar' so it is clear it is the right one, and that will be linked to your name in the big list at the top of this page.

I am sooo far behind.  I've been sick in one way or another since Thanksgiving (end of November).  Now have the flu.  This is ridiculous! 

I did 2 separate views and made 2 calendar folders.  Have painted Nov. and Dec. but have not had a chance to post Dec. ones yet.  Hoping to get some snow for my Jan. ones!

Lori Putnam said:

I did 2 separate views and made 2 calendar folders.  Have painted Nov. and Dec. but have not had a chance to post Dec. ones yet.  Hoping to get some snow for my Jan. ones!

Great Lori. We've given up on snow here as it has been a very mild winter so far (touch wood!).

But you can put each new painting into the same ;'Calendar' Portfolio. That is what is linked to your name (your first one). Just drop any new ones into the same portfolio as you upload them. Thanks.

Never mind, Elaine. You'll catch up when you are back on top and have your energy back. Anyway, its just a project you can do at your own pace. Hope you are better soon. (Hugs).

I mean I have 2 different scenes going so I have one calendar for one scene and one for the second scene.  Each has been painted for 2 months.  Make sense? I thought that was what you said to do but maybe not.  Let me know if I need to move them altogether even though they are not the same scenes.


Ok, We'll get around this if I put you in twice.

Anyone else require Scene 1 and Scene 2, please let me know.

Thanks, Lori.

Hey... I'm an over achiever.  : )

We know you're worth it! LOL

Going to give it a go, good place to start.

Hi! New here and what a great idea to get me going!
I'll give it a try too.

Ok, folks.... Its time for a mighty bualadh bos for Plein Eire's Deirdre Walsh who has completed the challenge in 12 months.

This despite freezing rain, high winds, frost and fog and, as they say... 'that's only the summer months'. However, the series of a corner of Deirdre's garden is well worth  a visit (click on the link here) to see what an inspirational body of work it is and how the collection marvelously conveys in paint the passing of an Irish year.

This challenge isn't time-limited and the hope remains that other members will find inspiration here to complete the series, perhaps during 2013.

Good luck!

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