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Plein Air Berlin/Brandenburg - 9th to 19th May 2015 - Open to All !

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Continuing on from last years discussion...We're delighted that Marko and Nikoli  are again making plans for another Plein Air Berlin/ Brandenburg Event 2015.Dates will be  May 9th - 19th

The Event will be based again in  Altthymen haus,  

The cost will be  € 45 euro/ day, full board. The nearest airport is Berlin 

We had a great experience during this Event 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity to paint in the old, East part of Germany, and immerse yourself in paint :) . Places are still available, if you would like to join us let us know. 

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..and the local wildlife :))

Jazes - I'll be scarin' them - I'm bringin' me togs!

Not a pretty sight, but I love the water.

Hi All,

Just a few words to say hello!  Have not been in touch as buried in learning to code javascript.  Completely the wrong side of the brain for me but I just passed my mid-term assignments for Mobile App Design at DIT yppieee.  But unfortunately I still don't think I will be able to make it to meet up with you wonderful guys and gals.  I really enjoyed my time in Altthymen, the community feel to everything from the locals to us the painters and my case a little sketcher with some watercolour thrown in. The house is large and airy and who wouldn't want to dine amongst the tree tops everyday. Yes, dear memories of cycling into fürstenberg for a few essential supplies... all the more fun as they are not available on site. Recommend for anyone to go and enjoy the amazing open countryside and pretty villages all waiting to be painted.  Will be thinking of you all especially Louise, Marko, Angela, Karen, Nikolai, George and Michael.  If I have forgotten any names you are remembered and hope you all enjoy this year's painting.  Happy painting in Altthymen. Cheers, Alison

Congratulations Alison on passing your mid-term assignments ! We'll miss you this year, and thanks for the great reminder of our time last year. If circumstances change, I'm sure there'll be a spot for you.. All the best, Karen

Aw sorry you won't be my room mate this year Alison , plus who is going to get our ESSENTIAL supplies this time, sorry you're not joining us but delighted you passed your exams, CONGRATULATIONS.

I've been chatting to Nikolai about frames. Rather than deal with one individual, he would like a response from all the group members about their needs/preferences. So, do we want Nikolai to order up frames for us? Which sizes - metric or imperial?


What is the deadline for paying Gerd, and are the arrangements the same as last year?


I think I may just send some of my own frames in advance, George. 

Crikey as always my problem will be water colour or oil mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I mite take a weekend trip to Berlin with Philip and bring frames with me plus some materials.have flight bought so could do that. Thinking thinking..Thanks George and nick

How many frames are we talking about for exhibition?  I can bring a few small oil frames of 10" X 12" and 8" X 10 with me.  Depending on how many pieces we may exhibit, I would like at least two watercolour frames to fit 40cm X 50cm size pieces of work.  I'm afraid to put glass in a suitcase.  Limed ash or something simple with a mount would be great. 

I'll be painting 30cm X 40cm and 12" X 16" too, but I don't think I'll be framing them.  If there are any spare frames those sizes  knocking around it would be great!!  All the frames I have here are very heavy and have glass. If I put any more frames in my suitcase I won't have room for my knickers.   I intend to paint up a storm!

It was three last year Valerie.but as we paint we brought them to the local church for display people therefore got to see them all during the week as we completed the work

Maybe I'll just stick to my small oil frames then.  No need to complicate matters.

The paint surfaces are feckin' heavy!  I'll have about 12 kilos of art stuff - and that is cutting it down as much as I can.  And my little stool is another kilo.  Just as well we aren't flying Ryanair.  And I booked a 25 kilo case each way.  The case weighs a fair bit too.  But there's always hand luggage.

It is good that people can see stuff as we paint it.

Can't wait!

Dear painters,

did you decide meanwhile what kind of frames you desire? It would be great if you send me send some details this week. 

@ Valerie: I have some frames for watercolor here. Lynne showed last year her watercolors. They are simple wooden frames with a mate. I have to check the width and height.

About the amount of the paintings in the show – it'll be exactly as last year, because we'll be 10 painters again. So, everybody can show max. three paintings. 

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