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Blogs on this site are a great, informal way of letting Plein Eire members know what you or your group are doing. Whether it is a story about a recent paint-out or notice of an exhibition you are holding; whether a serious topic or humorous, you can post it as a blog. 

This site is flexible about what you post on your blog posts. It doesn't have to be strictly plein air.

You can add images and links, too. The blogs are displayed in the centre column of the  Home Page. Click on one and it will expand to show further text or images if there are more than 250 characters.

Do have a sense of humour....

But try to be universal and to keep in-jokes to a minimum. In-jokes tend to 'date' quite quickly and have narrower appeal. By their nature, they exclude more viewers than they involve, especially so for newcomers to the website.

Don't hog the limelight....

Plein Eire's Home Page holds 10 blogs on display at once, with more stored in the blog archive which you can scroll down to see. Each new blog appears at the top of the blog list, pushing the others down. However, if you post several photos on the same topic, each as a separate blog, then each post you make will push someone else's blog post off the Home Page. That is considered not very polite on a community website.

Remember, you may post more than one image to each blog posting. Anyone interested in your topic can click on it to see additional images and captions. Alternatively, if there are a lot of photos to display, add them to a album (with captions) and post a link to the album in the text of your blog. Always label any photos posted to Plein Eire with a catchy or explanatory title, otherwise only the camera reference file will appear as the default title. 

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