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It is easy to post an event on Plein Eire: -

Before you begin, find an image for your location or use one of your own paintings from a previous paint-out in that area. The file size should be not more than than 100kb so it uploads quickly. Events with an attractive image look much more interesting than those with none.

You can look up some info about the location then use your copy and paste option on your computer. Alternatively, you can type in your own info when you are posting the event

To add an Event:

1. Choose 'Events' from  the main menu on the Plein Eire site'.

2.Choose “Add”.

3. Name your event (eg. where the paint-out is to be held) eg: Skerries Paint-Out.

4. Add Image (Recommended but not essential).

5. Add Description – here you can copy and paste or type info brief about your event.

6. Event Type : Paint-out, Workshop, Exhibition etc.

7. Add Date(s). this can have a start and end time or just specify 'All Day'. For Exhibitions, which can last for weeks or a month, you should post the opening date and time and then post the exhibition closing as a separate event. This prevents exhibitions from hogging top spot on 'Events' for weeks on end.

Then just fill in the rest of the page, for maps just google maps use the copy and paste option again or you can send directions on the message to the group later on.
At the bottom of the page just click “Add Event” – if you have left anything out you will see a notice on top of the page and you just fill in the missing line and add event again.
A new page opens after the event is added asking you do you want to invite friends – you can use this or alternatively choose 'Skip' go to the group page and there is an option here to send message to the group – just a short invite to the event and directions if you cannot get google maps linked in.
If you want to edit the event later, go to your event and click “Options” box on top right-hand side of screen, just choose this and there is an Edit button and change what is needed and Save.

This note compiled with thanks to Norah Blount.

Last updated by Plein Eire Administrator Jul 3, 2013.

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