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Wexford Slang -Translations ....and Sayings from our visiting friends...

Has anyone got any more examples of sayings that people might hear, when in Wexford?

If someone says the following:

"Wats De Craic"? ---------------   Is there any news?

"Quare"----------------------- Odd

"No Bother"-------------------- This will not be a problem

"The head on ya, and the price of turnips"---You look tired

"How -ya  hun"-----------------How are you ?

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It's some warm owdere----------------It's quite pleasant outside
Idoabitapaintinmeself--------------------You're not very good are ye?

My eyes are watter'n with laughter! - How about:

" ya made some small big 'o dath"-----------------You really made that look like a hard task!

If someone says they could eat a Farmer's arse through a sceach ditch ---------They are hungry!!

The hack of ya !!!--------- you look in bits!!

I will clean his clock for him.-----------They want to "give out" to someone!!

Out havin the craic ----------Out having fun !!

Me stomach thinks me throat is cut !!------ I'm starving!!

Id eat a babby's arse through the bars of a high chair!!!-----im still starvin !!!!

Id eat tha leg off de "lamb a Jaysus"------------------Im really starving!!

Its a day for the bed, the high stool, or the fire!!!--------- The weather's bad outside!!

Its Quare warm ------ its very warm!

Quare can be used in MANY ways  quare good quare bad etc etc!!

That one would count mice at the crossroads.------She doesnt miss a trick (she's nosy)

That fella would peel an orange in his pocket.-------He is a miserable git!!(he's mean)

She has a face like a slapped arse !!!      She's not pretty!!

She has a face like a bulldog chewin a wasp!!------She doesnt look pleased.

He's a Legend in his own lunch hour!!---------He is vain!!!



Also visitors, don't be surprised, if at some point in a conversation, especially one between yourself and one other person ie TWO people that the Irish person says "ah Lads tha craic was mighty last night! " dont look around to see if a third party has joined the conversation , we often pluralise LAD, into LADS!! Of course LADS is does not specifically refer to males in Wexford but is a kind of "generic" term for friends, the group etc!!!!




"Im as sick as a small hospital"" -----------I have a hangover!

"Me head is melted"   ----------- Ive had enough and Im confused!

He was "tired and emotional" last night --------- he was drunk!!!

He was PIssed ------- he was drunk !

He was pissed off!!------- he was annoyed or fed up!

He pissed off!---------- He went off without a word in annoyance !!!

Were there fleas in yer bed last night? ------ Your'e up early this morning!!!

That fella is as tic as a plank!!!-------He is silly!

If someone addresses you as "hun" or "honey", the former is not intended as an insult to German visitors while the latter doesn't mean that you are regarded as being particularly sweet! Both are, in fact, interchangeable and are simply used as polite terms of endearment!

In this part of the world the  word malodeon, pron. mal-o-jun, has various meanings as in

'' That artist is malojun''----------------he's brilliant

''That artist is malojun'' ------------------he's terrible.

''Did you see my malojuns anywhere.'' -----------where are my underpants/pyjamas?

'Cat' is sometimes used to indicate extreme malojunism - The grub at the party was cat malojun.

As you can imagine the use of this word can lead to misunderstanding!

I had a quare time ,doinabitopaintinmeself,  making some small big of it, when me stomach thought me throat was cut. I ran into a fella  who'd peel an orange in his pocket.I said " howya hun, where's the crack?"

He looked at me like his head was melted!

Were there fleas in yer bed last night? Iasked

No he replied..but did you see my malojuns anywhere?

He was as thick as a plank, and i could still "eat tha leg off de "lamb a Jaysus".

So I left him looking cat malojun, with a face like a bulldog chewin a wasp!!!!!!!

Remember for this week........

'No great artist ever sees things as they really are;

If he did, he would cease to be an artist'.

-Oscar Wilde

I didn't know Oscar was from Wexford Ger ??:)) - Great saying for this week. See you down here soon!

Dahlink!... Oscar is Wexford!

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