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South East Plein Air Exhibition at The Cockleshell Gallery - November16th !


SEPA have the opportunity to exhibit at the "Cockleshell Gallery" this year, before Christmas. In order to confirm our interest to the gallery, we need a show of interest from SEPA members. 

There will be a minimum cost involved, and Cockleshell will man for the duration of the exhibition.

If you have any questions regarding the exhibition, please feel free to drop a line here. It's a great excuse for a get-together at the end of our painting year, and we'd like to encourage all members to partake.....

Please confirm your interest by the end of this week Sunday September 10th

here on plein eire, or by texting me @ 087-9335456 

 or emailing me @

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Karen, count me in.Barry

Great Barry, will do. 


Hi Karen

I am interested Paul

Great Paul !
there are a number who have confirmed by text and email.....remember to let us know by this Sunday if your interested in taking part...

Are you seeking volunteers to help take this on, or perhaps just offers of paintings and a financial contribution?

you ve jumped the gun admin. we need numbers first, to ensure it goes ahead.....any one interested in exhibiting, or volunteering to help organise the event ?

Yes, I am interested in the exhibition, Phil

great phil, thanks for that. ... if anyone else is interested, text email or comment here, we need to have positive numbers for it to go ahead... its a great oppertunity for a sepa get together at the end of our painting thinking mince pies...and brandy cream :-)

Karen, I am interested.

Thanks Marie-Christine and Laura, will take you up on your offer of help laura the way who's making the mince pies?
I hear admin has an old family recipie..... :-)

Karen, I would be delighted to take part, thanks.

Great Nuala,

I'll put your name on the list. .

Anyone else interested, please let me know by Sunday 10th September.


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