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Plein Air Berlin/Brandenburg - 9th to 19th May 2015 - Open to All !

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Continuing on from last years discussion...We're delighted that Marko and Nikoli  are again making plans for another Plein Air Berlin/ Brandenburg Event 2015.Dates will be  May 9th - 19th

The Event will be based again in  Altthymen haus,  

The cost will be  € 45 euro/ day, full board. The nearest airport is Berlin 

We had a great experience during this Event 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity to paint in the old, East part of Germany, and immerse yourself in paint :) . Places are still available, if you would like to join us let us know. 

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Nikolai already told me he will organise that, Louise. I think Maike and Dieter will bring extra too, so we'll be drinking the stuff!!

Thanks Marko. 
Marko Fenske said:

dear michael  - i think we can do the supermarket before we go to the opening in fuerstenberg - the supermarket is open till 20 pm - i do not want to disturb the busdriver in his time he offers - we do the supermarket seperatly - ok

Great we will be stinking of the stuff

good idea - white spirit and turp is prepared in altthymen

Thank you AGAIN Marko.

That makes it a lot easier for everyone....Thanks Marko and Nickoli, not long now :)

Tagged you all on face book, about Hartmut, very generously donating his paintings from last year to this years event, those of you like George, who speak or read German probably know already from the up dated website and brochure. A huge thank you to Hartmut from us all !!

my friends - mr. koepcke and the bus will be at your terminal with the pleinair logo - hugs marko

You are a star Marko thank you a million times over!!! We will look for the logo and the bus
Huge hugs from all of Ireland gang X

Thanks Marko. Looks like we're all set then.

Thanks Marko...We'll be there !!

That's priceless, Karen! 
Karen Scannell said:

Thanks Marko...We'll be there !!

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