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Plein Air Berlin/Brandenburg - 9th to 19th May 2015 - Open to All !

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Continuing on from last years discussion...We're delighted that Marko and Nikoli  are again making plans for another Plein Air Berlin/ Brandenburg Event 2015.Dates will be  May 9th - 19th

The Event will be based again in  Altthymen haus,  

The cost will be  € 45 euro/ day, full board. The nearest airport is Berlin 

We had a great experience during this Event 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity to paint in the old, East part of Germany, and immerse yourself in paint :) . Places are still available, if you would like to join us let us know. 

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Hi Everyone, has anyone booked their flights already ?..I guess it would be much easier to travel if we go as a group again ?

Wasn't sure whether you were going or not, Karen. I haven't booked flights yet either - planning to do so next week. Will check with the others too. It will certainly make it easier for whoever is collecting us to arrive together rather than separately.

I haven't booked either.  A group is best.

Sorry for my belated decision. If Marko and Nikolai still have a place for me (preferably the same arrangements as last year, if possible), I would love to participate again in 2015. If there is a place for me, I would also prefer to coordinate my travel plans with the group.
Ah das ist sehr gut George!!

Great! Looks like the old gang are all back plus Valerie!

Hi there,

George, I think we even can arrange the same pillows :-)

As soon you know your flight, let me know. I'll be on the airport to help with your luggage and stuff. And, as I wrote last year, if someone wants to paint in bigger formats, I have at home a french easel. We could buy here some stretched canvases. And later, we could send the paintings back, as soon as they are dry.

Since, this time we'll stay a little bit longer, I thought about a one day trip to the baltic sea. It's by car a 2–3 hour drive. The baltic sea is the biggest brackish-water sea in the world. You don't have to worry about a tide. 

I wonder will Alison Fox my room mate come too?? Remember, Allison arrived a couple of days after us.

I just sent you an e-mail, Nikolai, but maybe you can confirm here, so we all see it. Just wanted to be sure that the dates 9-19 May mean that we should book our flights for those dates too.

Nikolai , thanks for that, Maike also said she has a spare easel if anyone wants to paint big!!
Was looking at flights for those dates Michael leaving 9th returning 19th May Air Fungus!! 146 euro return. Not too bad!!

If we travel on those dates, we will be returning on a Tuesday, which means galleries should be open in Berlin (it was Monday last year). Beginning to sound like a plan!

I painted very small last year (just for travel purposes). This year, I want to work with my my usual panels and will bring my larger painting kit too. Not sure yet how I am going to carry all this - two checked bags maybe - or wonder if it's possible to ship some of the gear in advance?

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