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A Case of Tunnel Vision

    Frank Sanford is moving into a new Kinvara studio to be as outdoor as he can be while coping with a sometimes uncooperative weather front. With his poly-tunnel studio Frank has just about got it taped.

What do you reckon....?

One Artist's Studio. Good Area. Plenty of space, plenty of light.

My easel will go here...

Or maybe here...

Trying it out for size...

Not bad, huh?

Friends always welcome to drop by.

Well, can't stand around talking all day.

See ya later!

Anyone else want to share the secrets of the studio?

Post below.

To see Frank Sanford's great paintings, here is his website.

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Wow Frank!  Was impressed with your mobile studio camper and now this!!!  Talk about utilising a great space and  natural light...nice one!!!  ye can talk to the plants while you paint......Enjoy!!!    

Posted by Patrick Brennan...

With all this talk around studio spaces, I thought that I would share this photo of my studio?garage. It is a little cramped with all the rest of the house hold junk. At the minut there isent even this space as carpets and some furniture has been moved out of the way for the repainting of the house.

Plenty of room but will it not be a bit draughty? I supose that will lend to the feeling of being outside, I say bring on our wonderful weather. Will others be joining him for this experience. A darn good idea, if not portable.

Would the art produced under these conditions be known as Polyart?

Having lost my rented studio recently as the building is up for sale, I am concentrating more on plein air painting. The flat roof of my house serves well as an outside studio, with subjects on all sides. It's ok unless the chimney is smoking! But it has the advantage that I can pop downstairs for a quick brew-up.

Such great views, .........breathtaking.

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