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Firstly if anyone is up north in the next couple of weeks I have an exhibition on in the St.Patricks centre, Downpatrick entitled 'Artistic Ramblings' you can also see most of the pieces at!/pages/Artistic-Ra...

Also can I suggest a location map on the website - flagging where members live in Ireland?

I'm off to Waterford at the weekend and it would have been good to ask anyone in the area for recommendations of galleries to visit, or if you are visiting an area for longer arranging a paint out day with someone with local knowledge.

'Hidden Pond' an impression from a walk in Clandeboye estate close to my home with a little Howard Hogkin influence.

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Hi Barbara,

Clandboyne meets Howard Hodgkin - I like it.

SEPA had a paint-out last Sunday to celebrate a member's 70th birthday and to 'christen' a new studio recently completed.
Not sure if there's anything happening this coming weekend but will let you know if there is.
The map would be great but we don't have that facility at the moment. If I can figure out a way to do it, I will certainly implement it, although some folks are a little bit tentative about giving their location, when they first sign in to the site.

However, for now you can use the 'Search' facility. That turned up no-one for 'Tralee ' or 'Kerry'. There are 10 members under 'Cork' though, so you could ask them about Reubens' Gallery. Its not one I have heard of, I must confess.

As for galleries in Waterford, I recommend you contact John Cullinan or John Gallagher (see 'Members'). They will both have a good idea of what's happening in Waterford. Galleries are closing so fast, you would do best to talk to the locals who are 'in the know' - and there's very little gets past those lads.

Have a good weekend, and best wishes for the exhibition.

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