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Sally, just thought I would add a few photos  from a wonderful location sat last, and it was great to get the tour of the animals as well as such a wonderful choice of subjects to paint.

Sean and Michael

The alarm call for tea break

I think the wheel needs to be moved outside so lots of weeds can grow around it

The tea from those cast iron teapots was wonderful as was the beautiful home-made soup - a wonderful little coffee shop at Listoke House and Gardens, Drogheda

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Comment by Norah Blount on April 29, 2017 at 17:22

Sean, your way with words matches your wonderful skills with watercolours.  I wish you would write a book with all these wonderful pieces of wisdom combined with your beautiful watercolours.  Of course I had to have a look to see if I could find the teapots and they are widely available on-line.  Then I came across them  in our local coffee shop yesterday and had to resist buying one but its nagging away at my visa card. The tea made with real tea leaves and in those pots was certainly special but then so was the whole day there.

Comment by Sean Quinn on April 29, 2017 at 15:33

It's lovely to see that exotic tea pot, with Japanese connotations.   When I  sit down at my computer with a cup  of coffee in the morning I never know where it  is going to take me.   There are resonances of Hawking and Owls at Listoke and  I am reminded that the phrases FED UP,  Wrap around your  little finger,  and Under your Thumb, come from that  pastime.    FED UP meant that the Hawk or whatever,   had been  so well  fed, that he-she lost interest in pursuing prey.  And wrap around your little finger or under your thumb was how the  hawk or kestrel landed on your hand.   It was Shakespeare who caused those phrases to be used in common parlance.

From an Irish viewpoint the language of Shakespeare is interesting because he pronounced   the Rs as did the rest   of society.  And pronounced the vowels in a broad manner.

Being from the midlands of Ireland I have often heard the phrase - " The poor craytur"    and now I learn that it is pure Shakespeare and authentically from his era. 

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