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This year I've luckily stumbled across 2 open studio events; 'Dorset arts week' -which is so big it actually lasts 2 weeks and 'NEOS'  - north east (scotland) open studios. These events were great fun, much like a treasure hunt, careering around the depths of the countryside discovering lovely places, interesting art and friendly artists, in each case well over 100 to choose from. Since getting home from Scotland and googling I find there are loads of these events through G.B. through the year ( I now fancy a jaunt over for 'Brighton Front Rooms' or 'Bristol Open Doors' before christmas!) Is there nothing on this scale in Ireland? anybody know? I know here in Ards we have the creative peninsula week in August but it pales in comparison.

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Cork Arts Trail is the biggest I know of. They have had similar in Dublin, particularly where you have communal studios. Trouble is, in the rest of Ireland there are very few of those.

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