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The artists below have already registered for Art in the Open 2015. If you haven't, there's still time but don't delay.

The following list is purely for your interest and I will update it periodically. If your name isn't below, don't panic but by all means send me a message to be added at the next opportunity.

Angley, Noelle (Mayo)

Brown, Angela (USA)

Buckley, Mary (Cork)

Charlwood, Geoff (UK)

Clark, Alison (UK)

Crowe, Dee (Dublin)

Cullen, Paul (Dublin)

Culinan, John (Waterford)

Daniels, Craig (Canada)

Diaz, David (USA)

Dixon, Irene (Wicklow)

Donaghue, Dick (Wexford)

Downes, Des (Mayo)

Engh, Katherine (USA)

English, Jean (Dublin)

Fenske, Marko (Germany)

Gillespie, Terry (Carlow)

Gilson, Beate (Clare)

Gilmore, Aine (Dublin)

Goldberg, David (Dublin)

Hofler, Phil (Dublin)

Holmes, Leon (Australia)

Holmes, Sara (Germany)

Howard, Elaine (Sligo)

Human, Lize (Wexford)

Hurley, Anna (Dublin)

Jones, Kevin (Dublin)

Josupeit, Maike (Germany)

Joyce, Colin (Scotland)

Kelly, Yvonne Loftus (Dublin)

Kelly-Jones, Cathy, (UK)

Keogh, Michael (Kildare)

Leahy, Jim (Cork)

Levinge, Maria (Wexford)

Lovegrove, Julian (UK)

MacNally, Sheila (Wexford)

Mackay, Susan (Dublin)

McCarthy, Roger (Limerick)

McCoy, Gerry (Waterford)

McCoy, Noelle (Waterford)

McManus, John (Dublin)

McGee, Donna (Dublin)

McGrath, Maire (Cork)

McKeever, Catherine (NI)

Monaghan, Jeffrey (NI)

Mooney, Frank (Kildare)

Moriarty, Deirdre (Wexford)

Moyles, Louise (Tipperary)

Mueller, Ned (USA)

Murphy, Liz (Dublin)

Murphy, Orlagh (Cavan)

Nolan, Marie Clare (Carlow)

Norton, Clody (Wexford)

Olivero, Rosa (Spain)

Pierce, Nuala (Wexford)

Plein Air, Rene (Netherlands)

Ryan, Jan (Wexford)

Ryan, Bernadette (Tipperary)

Scott, Gwen, (UK)

Simon, Rainer (Germany)

Smyth, Roisin (Dublin)

Syms-Martin, Valerie (Dublin)

Walsh, Shirley (Wexford)

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Comment by Plein Eire Administrator on July 18, 2015 at 20:35


Here is a more recently updated list in PDF format provided by the AITO


At the time of writing, registration stands at 120.

Comment by Ian Gordon on June 25, 2015 at 14:31

Hi Tony,

 I'm looking forward to driving down from Donegal to be in Wexford 26th - 28th July.

Very much looking forward to making paintings.

Ian Gordon

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