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January 15th - Rosslare Harbor, Co. Wexford - SEPA PAINT OUT

                              ROSSLARE HARBOR AND SURROUNDS

PHOTOS FROM SEPA'S PAINTOUT 15/01/12 :  click here :   

Rosslare is well known for being one of the sunniest locations in the South East. Today , however Jan 15th on our first Paintout 2012, we experienced it's Windy and Wild side..which is equally as beautiful, but more challenging to paint. After taking a good look around, and "earmarking" potential locations for another, (less windy) date, we decided to set up  our easels in the more Sheltered "Safe Harbor", roughly three miles from Rosslare. 

Thanks to: Frank Halliahan-Flood, Marie- Christine O Brien, Barry Lynch, Mary O Dowd, Michael McGuire, Nial O Keefe and Tony Robinson for helping to kick start SEPA's Paintouts 2012!


Rosslare Harbor : - Home website listing History, Things to do, Places of interest , etc.................

SEPA's first Paint out of 2012, brought us to the Southeast Corner of Ireland, Rosslare Harbor. Best known for the Harbor itself, "Rosslare Europort". It is easy to forget, that it also has a beautiful beach and coastal path, with striking views of the South East Coast. 

The coastal path has changed a little over the past few years due to coastal Erosion, but it can be easily followed, with a short diversion into the village.

Painting options : -

Some of the best painting locations, are hidden gems, usually unexpected, resulting from either getting lost, or just taking the roads less traveled.The following are only suggestions to get you started. 

Rosslare Harbor. Beach: - situated behind the Harbor Terminal. 

"Safe Harbor near Kilrane Village" -  a small harbor created for local fishermen, when The Harbor was expanded, a number of years ago.A favorite Location for SEPA,(Souht East Plein Air), as it harbors working and small pleasure boats. It's parameter is dotted with wooden sheds. There are many different painting options in a relatively small location  

Follow the coastal Path : - If you start in Rosslare Harbor, keep in mind the return trip back to your car. It's easy to keep walking to find out what's around the next corner, and forget time!

St. Helen's Bay + ? ruined Church + well :-  Well known for St. Helen's Bay Golf Course, St. Helen's Bay is part of the S.E.coastal path, and a beautiful sheltered beach, with a small (sadly redundant) fishing harbor nearby. There are the ruins of an old church and graveyard beside the pier ( very it's easy to miss),  and a holy well .....

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