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The 7th annual Art in the Open painting festival in Wexford, Ireland, is offering 7 nights in a 4* hotel to take part in our week-long plein air event: July 28th until August 4th 2014.

Art in the Open is an open event with 200 artists with many from continental Europe, UK, USA and Ireland. Over 7 days they travel to a variety of locations in the irish countryside painting castles, farms, villages, harbours beaches and market towns. And there are social events and workshops with several outstanding artists and an exhibition with awards at the end of the week.

To win your hotel stay, you must be a member of or and post 3 images of your plein air work here to this forum thread or the Plein Air Artists site equivalent. Cost of travel, food, registration and any other expenses will be borne by the winner.

Your 3 images must be your own work, painted en plein air with titles, medium and sizes given and each artist may enter only once, whether on PLEIN AIR ARTISTS or PLEIN EIRE website. Judging will be by AITO committee and guest adjudicator Don Maier. Deadline for entries is midnight on St Patrick's Day, 17th March 2014 with winner announced by the end of March.

Good luck to everyone!

A shortlist based on your entries together with those on the Plein Eire website was selected and the winner  drawn from that group.

The winner of the Art in the Open 2014 hotel prize is Jean Davidwho wins 7 nights accommodation at White's Hotel, Wexford, to take part in Ireland's plein air painting festival.

Remember, everyone is welcome to attend and links to various accommodation options can be found on the festival website: 

Congratulations to Jean and thanks to everyone who entered.

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This was one of a collection of old fruit trees in Sonairte, Nation Ecology Centre, Co.Meath.

8” x 10” Oil on Board

8” x 10” Oil on Board
We had over-indulged on the scenery and this gable was a relief.

8” x 10” Oil on Board

It was a great season for Hawthorn and the perfume in the country side was delicious

Sorry, forgot tites -

1. Old Apple Tree
2. At the Foot of Sliabh Mor, Achill

My name is Joke Kokkelkoren. I live in te Netherlands andI 'm a new member here. 

I hope you will enjoy my paintings!

My first painting is : cows in Dedham Vale, UK.  Made in septembet 2013. oil on canvas, 30x 40cm.

The second is: Bulbfields near Egmond. This is a little village with lots of bulbfields.  Made in mai 2013. oil on canvas, 30x 40cm.

The third is:  Rainy day in Spaarnwoude. This is a nature area near Amsterdam.   september 2012   oil on canvas 30x 40cm.


Olden Fjord

I helped my elderly mum on a Norwegian Cruise, but got time off to paint this from the top deck! 8 x 6, oil on panel

Southwold Pier

This is one of my favorite places near home in Suffolk. 12x8, Oil on panel

Hook Head

This was painted when we went here during AITO last year, it was an amazing day! 15 x 11, Oil on board

My name is Jacob Kerssemakers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. These are my entries:

My first work was made in 2013 in the town of Shella, Lamu Island, Kenya. The alleys in this village are so narrow that no motorized vehicles fit in, just pedestrians and donkeys. Oil/acrylic on canvas, 30cms wide x 140cms high

My second work was made in 2013 in Iceland, at the shores of glacier lake 'Jokulsarlon'. It is a ~180 degrees (half a turn) panorama showing the icebergs in this lake. Oil/acrylic on canvas, 375 cms wide and 30 cms high. A note: to overcome the difficulties of handling such formats on travels, I use a home made 'scroll easel' and basically work in the tradition of chinese landscape scrolls, working section by section in a continuous way.

My third entry shows an assembly of six panoramas, made in 2013 in two days in the classic garden 'Klein Offem' ['Little Offem'] in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Made around an old lime tree. I mixed the silhouette of this lime tree with six views of the surrounding garden. A partial self-portrait of this work can be seen in the center two lanes: while working on one panorama, I left the remaining five canvases  present in a frame standing against the old tree itself. Oil/acrylic on canvas, 150x150cms.

Mary Brigid Mackey said:

Number 1 . 

The Little Red Bridge.  11x14 inches.   Soft pastels on sanded paper.   I painted this on a very hot June day in my friends garden 

Number 2.   Commerahg Bog 15x 10 inches.  Soft Pastel on Sanded paper This was painted on a very unusual warm day in November

Number 3  .    Creamery Ruins at Marlfield.  15X10 inches.   Soft pastels on Sanded paper.   

This was painted last week on a very cold dull day.  

Jeanne Salucci

All 3 of my paintings were happily painted en Plein Air

#1   "Almost Home"   oil   9x12



#2   "Fall Reflection"  oil   8x10


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