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The following notice has been sent to all members (18/06/2011).


However, it is repeated here for open discussion if members want clarification on some point or for you to express your own views:-




'Dear Artist Member,

I would like to give a periodic reminder to any new members and to older members who may have forgotten the guidelines for posting paintings and drawings on Plein Eire website. 


Under 'Artwork' you may post only your own paintings or drawings done outside and directly from life - that is to say, no studio pieces, no work from reference material such as photographs and sketches. Touch-ups in the studio should be 'finishing touches' not radical revision. Of course there is nothing wrong with work from the studio but this is a plein air painting site.

Only the artwork itself should appear in your photograph - no frames, mats or backgrounds and no photos which include the artwork on the easel and the landscape.

Photographs must be of reasonable quality - no out-of-focus images or skewed rectangles.

It is very much encouraged that titlesize and materials be given when the artwork is posted making this section as informative and helpful as possible.


Other photographs, showing where you were painting, your companions or your painting equipment, or how your painting differed from, or was identical to the landscape etc., may be posted as a blog with accompanying text, but not as Artwork.


As the site membership grows, it is no longer practical to write to individual members when these guidelines are not observed. They are displayed in several places on-site and in future postings ignoring them will be deleted without written notice or apology.


Any guidelines impose a certain amount of standardisation and conformity - not very artistic notions, perhaps, - but they aim to present each member's work in a professional, informative context to be viewed as your collective gallery.

It is regrettable having to delete anyone's posting but it is hoped you will support Plein Eire in its aim to promote a professional standard for posting artwork.'


Comments welcome.

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