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I am thinking of different ways to do my trip to Ireland next summer, for Art in the Open.  I am thinking that perhaps I would fly into Shannon first, and would like to go out to Innisheer/Inis Oirr (not sure which is the name to use), for maybe two days.  Then back to the mainland, possibly up to Connemara, but then my time might not handle that.  Then across to Wexford for Art in the Open.  The question is, does this sound do-able?  Are there buses available to travel, or would it be a possibility to rent a car to go to Wexford?  I have never driven, myself, on the left, not sure if I would be a giant liability to all the other drivers!  Thank you all, and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Hi Elaine,

How many weeks is your trip for??


I personally would drive, and it isn't that difficult--once you sit in the car on the other side, it kinda comes naturally.

I think I can do two weeks.  Wish I could do longer, but there is no way I can be gone longer than that.  My husband isn't a huge traveler, so he will be home taking care of all the animals.  I want to be around Wexford for the festival, and some before and after it.


Thanks, David, I will probably give it a try.  The driving.  That way I could stop when I would want to.

I agree..I think hiring a car would give you the best flexibility for your schedule...I wouldn't go too fast around the country though...a pint takes a long time to savor!!

Wexford to Galway is about 200 kms...I'd give yourself at least three hours

If you look up Shannon airports website, type in bus in the search engine, "BusEireann's" timetable is accessed . There might be a connection to Galway...your stuck to a timetable that might delay you though.  I'd check that out before deciding.

Thank you everyone!

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