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Are dates and locations for all paint-outs listed here under "plein Air Events" ? I thought I saw the Dublin group meeting today but couldnt find it when I looked last night and the same for the Dublin Sketchers.  I think some are being organised by email or by texting but as I have been having problems with my old email address I think I have missed a few dates ..... think it would be best to post events on the site here perhaps as it is the one place we can all access without having someone having the extra job of emailin/txt  ?

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Hi Norah,

For the SEPA Group, we set up a schedule of paintout locations and dates in advance, of the year ( or most of it).

We then posted this list on our SEPA Group Page, in the Text Box.

To start with we arranged them for every two weeks, but as the summer came along, we always had a group willing to paint nearly every week.

We found it best to set the "two week Schedule" in advance, then the remainder "in between" weeks can be more flexible.

Ideally a week in advance of the paintout, we post it as "An Event" on Plein Eire, which means we can also send a message to notify all members of Plein Eire, or all members of the Group.

The Event can also "Be Liked", and "Shared" on facebook, which also helps.

Posting as an Event on the site, means all members, who  might like to attend, are aware of the Paintout .

We found this has worked well for us this year, as, for the most part, members have a chance to plan attendance of outings well in advance......

Thanks Karen, yours are very well planned and hope to make one soon


Posting Events on Plein Eire

Hi Norah. Good question....

Most of the groups on this site seem, in principle, to be open to new people coming along, so it is important to let everyone know about an event and not just those already signed up to the group.

Therefore, ideally all events should be posted under 'Plein Air Events' and a brief notice on the particular Group Page - possibly including the hyperlink to your main notice.


To summarise, organisers should use the Group Page to contact all local members but use the 'Plein Air Events' to open the event to everyone on the site. 


PS.  If you are just popping out for a morning's painting off-the-cuff and feel like inviting a bit of company, by all means use your local group page for that.  But remember, organising events can be done by anyone. We shouldn't just leave it to the same person every time. Put together your own little expedition and post it or rotate the responsibility amongst group members.
thanks for the clarification - good to have a place where anyone can see whats on in any area of the country instead of group emails etc

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