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Plein Air Berlin/Brandenburg - 9th to 19th May 2015 - Open to All !

Check the end of this discussion line for the latest comments..

Continuing on from last years discussion...We're delighted that Marko and Nikoli  are again making plans for another Plein Air Berlin/ Brandenburg Event 2015.Dates will be  May 9th - 19th

The Event will be based again in  Altthymen haus,  

The cost will be  € 45 euro/ day, full board. The nearest airport is Berlin 

We had a great experience during this Event 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity to paint in the old, East part of Germany, and immerse yourself in paint :) . Places are still available, if you would like to join us let us know. 

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Thanks Jan. At least most of us know what to expect this time. I found the vegetarian diet difficult, I have to admit, but, apart from that (which was good for me anyway), I really enjoyed it. I wouldn't be going back this year otherwise!
Jan Ryan said:

Hope you all have a great time, 10 days of painting with no interruptions, sounds great.

Did a recce up your way Michael road is dire from town up to your house like a river running down it, Philip will go the mountain bar route was way better!!

It'll be OK in a couple of hours, Louise, probably even alright now. Helen came home from work that way at around 6-00 and said it was fine. It's easier to find us at night coming from the Clonard direction - I'll have my phone on anyway, in case you get lost. I'm packed and just over 19 Kg, so just as well I sent frames and panels in advance! See you later then.

Good luck and auf wiedersehen to the Brandenburg sextet and to our Plein Eire friends in Germany. Paint beautiful music.

Thanks Tony. .. its shaping up to be a great ten days !

Having a brilliant time!

Great. Keep us updated when you have time...

Opening reception Plein Air Berlin /Brandenburg

dear friends - after this wonderful event - thank you all for your good energy -

back to think - i have a big questions to you all -

could everybody give a small comment to some of the sponsor products - 

i have to contact mr. meyer and i have nothing to show him - and would you be interested to do a pleinair end of october this year here - with the colors of autuum - we could organize it ! -

a big hug from berlin - marko

Hi Marko,

I have thanked the sponsors by name on the Facebook page.  If I can do anything else, please let me know.  I really enjoyed being introduced to new products.  The Ampersand boards, and the Vang products were completely new to me.  I already use Golden Open - I was using them today and last week for the attached images.   I haven't tried the oil sticks yet.

I would like to send our excellent model a drawing.  Could you message me on Facebook with your or her address please.

I had no idea that vegetarian food could be so enjoyable.  I really didn't miss meat - well, maybe a little - but I think that is just habit.  Angela and her helpers balanced all the meals so well. She is a treasure!

I won't be able to do a Plein Air at the end of October, as I am having a total knee replacement operation on 22nd September.  As you know, I was having difficulty walking for any distance.  I knew it would happen sometime soon, but my attitude is to enjoy as much as I can.

Thank you soooooooo much for all the hard work that you and Nikoli did in arranging our time in Altthymen.  I hope to join you again next year. 



PS.  I hope your exhibition is going well.

Hope you've recovered Marko,Nikoli, and thanks again for another wonderful Event. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try any of the products, so can't comment on how they performed, and though Autumn would be really wonderful there I won't be able to attend an Autumn Event this year. All the very best, Karen 

Marko Fenske said:

dear pleinair friends, this is the exceptional oppurtunity that you get a sign from me on this blog.

Marko is responsable for the connection - my thanks to him!

normally you won`t find me in the world wide net for i made a decision 25 years ago when i got a bad diagnosis from my eyes specialist doctor that there would be no help for ma problems with my eyes. i tried a lot - soft therapies on natural basis, i took stress out of my life ... the main problems remained. I had to learn to accept and decided until i can`t read partitures again, can`t play piano "prima vista" i won`t sit in front of computers, big or small all of them make problems extremely.

that is the story behind. I don`t find it a problem for the contact with you but in this case there was a deep wish to tell all of you what a great gift it is to meet you - the first or the second time. that it makes me often ashamed to see i which way you are guests in the Altthymen-Haus. Most of you know in the meantime the crazy way i am living there. i am not responsable in an official way for anything in the house sometimes i can`t bear certain things and start a responsibility out of my own, for example for the laundry. But all what i try to bring to a better stadium is a negative connotation of Gerd. So I decided to stop my engagement after this pleinair to stop this schizofrenic field....

And - at the same time there are new aspects at the horizon - maybe it should be a secret now - Marko will decide ...

So: Greetings and lot of thanks to Louise. I come more and more in contact with the wonderful pendule!

Maike - you have to look at your picture in my room in the nice context with the other pictures!

Karen - thank you again for the "Pleinair Maskkotchen" of your mother. I saved it from the next children group in Altthymen-Haus....

George - no grapefruits anymore, promised! and no things falling to the ground in the kitchen late in the evening or early in the morning!

Michael and Diether: thank you that you had your second experience with vegetarian food!

Sirrka: Sorry for such a lot of spicy food - i`ll take care for your tongue next time!

David and Carla: Thank you for your vegetarian survival training and also Valerie!!

Many hugs to all of you have a good time and I hope to see you all soon!


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