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Plein Air Berlin/Brandenburg - 9th to 19th May 2015 - Open to All !

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Continuing on from last years discussion...We're delighted that Marko and Nikoli  are again making plans for another Plein Air Berlin/ Brandenburg Event 2015.Dates will be  May 9th - 19th

The Event will be based again in  Altthymen haus,  

The cost will be  € 45 euro/ day, full board. The nearest airport is Berlin 

We had a great experience during this Event 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity to paint in the old, East part of Germany, and immerse yourself in paint :) . Places are still available, if you would like to join us let us know. 

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Thanks Nikoli..I'll need  about 75 ml artists white spirit, to paint with , and about 250 ml Turps to wash brushes. I won't need any medium, as I'll bring linseed oil with me.

Not long now...See You Guys Soon !!!!

Same as Karen will do me too, will bring linseed and oil brush cleaner with me .
Looking forward to meeting you "in the flesh" only 4more sleeps now till we are on our way!!!

FOUR !! Crikey better get packed :))

I'm guessing ..there's no wi fi ?

There is some

The excitement is jumping off the screen.  Have a great time.

Nikolai Kraneis said:

There is some

Will do Sally ..thanks !
Sally Downey said:

The excitement is jumping off the screen.  Have a great time.

Re turps and white spirit: same amount as for Karen will do for me. Thanks Nikolai.
Hope you all have an enjoyable and productive trip. Coming to the end of a great weeks painting in Malta with Paul Maloney and look forward to seeing and sharing all these images on Plein Eire. Auf Weidersein, as they say Iin Newcastle.
Thanks Tony, Hope you and Paul had a great weeks painting.
Hope we don't get deluge of rain for the week.
No doubt will have plenty of stories to impart when we return, looking forward to seeing the work from you two!!

Just a quickie. I presume (?) we can easily get a taxi from Furstenberg train station to Haus Altthymen?

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