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A brief update to pass on some facts about this Plein Eire site and to encourage every member to make the most of the opportunity membership presents.

In common with most similar sites, it sometimes seems as if the same 5% of the members do 95% of the posting and perhaps that no-one else is taking any interest in what we do, or don't do. You could be forgiven for thinking that, either way, it doesn't matter to anyone outside this little circle with a specialised common interest.

But you would be wrong.

A scan of Google's analytical data for the last (typical) 28 day period reveals the following:

  • 1,475 individuals logged on to Plein Eire (more than 3 times the membership).
  • There were a total of 3,829 visits to Plein Eire.
  • Almost 1-in-3 were new visitors.
  • Visits were made from 64 countries across the globe.
  • 25,886 pages were viewed.
  • And the average visit lasted 6 minutes.

Along with other artists, it can be assumed some of this traffic will include potential buyers, galleries etc. So, if you want to promote your work, the opportunity is here.

For some ideas on how you can make the most of it, click here.

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Use Plein Eire to organise your archive or work. If you haven't already, why not open up a 2012 portfolio to keep this year's posted work in its own online archive?

It is easy to do:

  1. Click 'Paintings' tab.
  2. Click 'My Portfolios'
  3. Click 'Add' Call it '2012 Plein Air Paintings' or whatever you like, and 'Save' it.

Wow, amazing statistics. Thanks for posting them.

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