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HELP - suggestions please.  What should we call ourselves?

 So far our members have come from Monaghan, Cavan, Louth and Meath and we are  'Plein Eire- North East'.   But this does not accurately describe our coverage. 


To include the 'northern' counties of Antrim and Down might be a bit ambitious and to call ourselves 'P.E. - N.E. - South' is a bit cumbersome.

'P.E Boyne Valley'.......... Boyne goes through only one of the counties. 

'P.E. Breffni".......... this leaves out Monaghan and Meath - Monaghan is Oriel, Meath is Royal Meath.

'P.E. N.E. Leinster"......... Monaghan is in Ulster.

'P.E. Kavanagh Country'.   ???

'P.E. Drumlin Country".  ????

Any ideas apart from 'P.E Crazy Mixed Up"



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...any historians, geographers or poets able to help Sally out here??? Its only a small thing but it needs to be sorted if only to encourage the lads and lasses further north to make a start of their own, hopefully as promising as this group. Sorry I can't help with local knowledge, except to offer that the Boyne Valley option is well-known and trips off the tongue better than some of the others and that there will always be members from outside your current catchment.

Best of luck with your quest and hope to see many of you at Art in the Open where you can raise this with the aosdana.

I think that N.E. Leinster covers it really Sally. There are always going to be someone on the fringes..
You're right of course, Kate.  But it would be nice if your county - who got us started after all- could figure in the title.  Any plans for Saturday?

I have the Ulster Fleadh on Sat and Sunday, so I'm out .  Kids are playing. Dee has plans by the sounds of things though. 


I thougth North East Leinster covered the region nicely and identifies the area geographically.  I think the spirit of the whole site here on plein eire is an inclusive one so that anyone from any county can come along on any of the paint-outs if they happen to be in that area - trying to include all the counties could be tricky, the Boyne rises in Kildare and enters in to the sea between louth and meath according to google maps and it does slip off the tongue nicely too , and I am sure there are streams from every county in the area running in to it !

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