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This thread is just a succession of bits and pieces picked up on the radar to do with plein air painting that may interest you. It may give you a laugh, kick off another discussion thread on some topic or another or be that gem of information you had been looking for.

Not exactly a 'smorgasbord', perhaps, but at least a bag of crisps, a mars bar and a glass of flat TK lemonade....mmm!

"With the economy flat, difficult or pragmatic decisions are having to be made. For artists, painting sales are harder to attain than in the last several years. Many stick to their day jobs while yearning for the freedom to become full-time artists upon retirement.
But for those wondering how to manage without what they used to call 'an allowance' or maybe a ministerial pension in early middle-age, or now contemplating the postponement of retirement until 68, here is a heartening and interesting story...."
Michael Vires

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Here is a post from Artists Daily website, an interview with leading American plein air painter and author, Kevin McPherson about a 5 year project painting the same view from his back porch in New Mexico on every day of the year.
Kevin MacPherson interview

To see the complete collection of 365 paintings, each just 6" x 8", visit the website below. There, the paintings are divided into the seasons, each denoted by one of the 4 thumbnail images on the left.
Click on these to reveal the series for 'Spring', 'Summer', etc.
'Reflections on a Pond'
I've painted a lot of local scenes maybe four or five times in different light. I was beginning to wonder if I needed to go further afield. Now I know I'm OK for at least another fify years or so!

Today's offering is American artist, Liz Wiltzen’s blog. – This has some interesting common sense about plein air painting, about pricing your work (that evergreen conundrum), and about dealing with rejection and putting the competitive edge in context.
See if you agree with Liz Wiltzen's view.
What an inspiring story and thanks for sharing it
Another good plein air web item - this time from the Ontario Plein Air Society with some 'essential tips' gleaned from artist Kim English.
Here is a ten minute arts programme interview with 3 Australian plein air artists to introduce an exhibition of Monet's paintings. It is interesting for the amount of time given to plein air but also for the wicked 'arts programme' studio backdrop which looks like a dayglo test card and made all the more hilarious by the fact they have only one camera panning back and forth across it. You'll be suffering retinal overload for a week if you can sit through this one. Enjoy....Plein Air Studio Discussion
Boy, if you think that was's how not to make a painting video. Filmed with the kind of secret camera usually hidden in a holdall, with a microphone in a wind-tunnel, this starts off bad but don't worry, it quickly gets much, much worse.
However, eventually you get to have a kind of admiration for the indomitable artist, John Kilduff, painting in his shades, and despite everything, he triumphs in the end.
A hymn to studio painting.
Over to you, John.
here is a trailer for a DVD by Aussie artist Herman Pekel that will get you going again when you feel like giving up.
Thanks to Liz Wiltzen for the tip-off about this one. Her excellent blog is always brimming with enthusiasm and good sense in equal measure.
Thanks for showing my video! Yes, it's me holding my Flip Camera with my right hand while painting with my left..... Not the best way to film..

Hi John,
Now I know you filmed it one-handed while painting at the same time I admire it even more!
What is it about plein air painting that seems to bring out the masochistic streak? The stronger the wind, the hotter the sun (not that we get too much here), the more midges to stick in the oil paint, the better we seem to like it. Your film captured all that. When the coastguards packed up and took down the flag...I was expecting you to kick over the easel or break your brushes over your knee - but you carried on... a moment of real drama.

If you have more videos where, hopefully, there wasn't a force 8 gale blowing nor the subject walk off the set before the end, it'd be great if you posted a link here. After the ferocious slagging I gave your last one, its your chance to make me eat my words.

...and sorry, but I had to ask - are you right or left-handed?
The Professor Stanley Unwin Guiide to Photographing your Artwork....

I hope this answers all your questions!

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