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Dear Artist and Plein Eire member,

I would like to wish you a very happy New Year.

Whether your goal is to produce a plein air painting every week, to improve a specific skill like colour or drawing or to attend a painting course, now is the time to begin. Perhaps you plan to take a painting holiday, apply for a residency, treat yourself to some new piece of equipment, find a new gallery or simply make more painting sales, I hope 2014 is an inspirational 12 months for you.

Like all resolutions, it starts with a plan because, without one, usually you won't get far. My daughter with some of her best friends has a 'Resolution Club' . They get together in January over a meal and a glass of wine to write down what they hope to lose or gain or make come true over the year ahead and the message then goes into a sealed envelope. Then they open up last years' wish-list. It is full of fun and banter and it works for them.

I've already begun tidying and clearing out my workspace. There’s a fairly impressive stack of painting panels, freshly primed and I'm earmarking a couple of painting trips in a 2014 year-planner. If you haven't already started to make 2014 your best year, now is your chance to think over what you need to do.

I hope you will post a reply to this '2014' forum about your specific goals which may give inspiration and encouragement to others. What do you hope to achieve in your art before the year is out? You can't be too specific. Vague aims never score a bullseye. We have over 700 members. Perhaps, what you have to propose for yourself will ring a bell with someone else or they with you if you are willing to share your thoughts.

In the meantime, here is a little inspiration from Marc Hanson, one of my favourite American outdoor painters. He is challenging himself to produce 4 paintings per day for the month of  February. That is 112 paintings, rain or shine. You can see his video on the project here: Marc Hanson February 2014  and read his blog:  'Painting My Way through Life'.


By the way, as you may have noticed, Plein Eire website has a bit of spit and polish – well overdue, I might add. I hope you like the new look.

Don't forget you can change the look of your personal page, add your bio and any other website address you may have and raise your scrolling images nearer to the top of the page. Details here

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Love the new look!

I really appreciate having company to paint with.  I'm happy to go out on my own, but knowing there is a group you can hook up with if you want is really great.  So is the instant acceptance and the fun and the friendliness.

I think that Karen's trip to near Berlin sounds good.  I'd like to go if I can.

And of course I'll be at AITO again.

Happy New Year everyone!

And for everyone a Happy New Painting year in good health.

Do not know if I'm in that picture Rene, but it looks a lot like me 

I'm very curious..... :-) 


Hi Sonja and Rene,

Kind of, yes. But it looks as though you've borrowed Rene's cap. Be sure and give it back next time you see him, won't you? Delighted to have you for our Plein Eire poster girl.

Just an idea...How about you and Rene setting up a Dutch Plein Air Group here on Plein Eire for 2014? You can make all the settings in Dutch, too. I know there are many committed outdoor painters and there's only so much you can do on Facebook. Let us know what you are doing and where you will be painting next and what painting events are coming up.

Thanks for the links, Rene.

PS. I drew the cap...

Hi Tony,

Thanks! I feel honored to be a Plein Eire  poster Girl, it is really nice.

And my hat? is really mine, but sure I am willing to share it with Rene :-)
A good idea to create a group,




Anyone else want to share plans for his/her art practice in 2014?

'No time like the present'!  

Even in a busy day my aim is to make a small art work - painting or drawing at least one a day.  I am a teacher so spend a lot of time indoors, but even a glimpse through a window is enough to create a drawing.

Wishing you all health, happiness and some good craic for 2014 - thanks Plein Eire for this platform to meet and share artwork. 

Best wishes Nicki Heenan

My plan is to just get out and go - starting today in the Botanic Gardens.

Beautiful weather.  I'm wrapped up so well that I'm wearing two pairs of trousers - and I go and paint in a glasshouse - couldn't resist it.

I offered passing children a paintbrush and invited them to make their mark anywhere on my canvas.  At one point there was a queue.  And the parents loved it too.

No big plans or resolutions - just to continue learning as much as I can and try to get to Wexford this year - love the new look to the site

Dear Tony,

I am committed to the second year of a Diploma in European Art History until May so the practical side of painting is temporarily in abeyance.  However, I am looking forward to  renewed effort mid 2014. Aithbliain faoi mhaise duit.


This is a good idea.

1. Get the hundred or so paintings I have completed 'Framed'. And hanging in a nice space where people can see and enjoy them. Oh this is a big bug bear with me. I get so precious about handing them over to someone else. And the cost :-o. And then I go and try and do framing/mounting myself and always begin with great intentions but never quite get there. Why why why just not ' let go'. I've written this down so many times before. But maybe, just maybe 2014 will be the year of action. :-)

here they are: at least I've started sort of organising them.

2. Keep painting.

3. Go to AITO and have a really great time just like 2013.

I'l open this again next year. To all other PE members have a happy and productive 2014.


 Hi Elizabeth,

 Many of us would envy you that course and there'll still be paintings left to paint when you are ready to tackle them. Meanwhile, best of luck with your studies.

Hi Patrick,

I don't suppose you have to get them all framed at once (that would be expensive) and it looks as if you work mostly to a few preferred sizes which is a great help when recycling frames on different paintings to freshen up your display. I know one or two artists who only decide if a painting is a 'keeper' or if it is finished by setting a frame over it or, in the case of watercolours, a mount. Some are perhaps ready for a coat of varnish, which is another way to give last year's paintings a boost.

See you at AITO!

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