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Maybe someone has found the definitive book and would be willing to reveal it here?
To start off, just to let you know the current edition of American Artist is a Plein Air Special Issue. Of particular interest,  there's an article in it on: Rob Liberace: Learning From the Masters in Ireland. Anyone read it yet?

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I would recommend any or all of the following:-

Alla Prima, Richard Schmid

Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light and Color, Kevin D McPherson

Capturing Radiant Light & Color, Susan Sarback

Oil Painting Pure & Simple, Ron Ranson & Trevor Chamberlain

All of the above are readily available, with the possible exception of the last one which is no longer in print, but it should be possible to pick it up secondhand on Amazon or eBay.
Love Amazon and ebay. I too Richard Schmid's work. Sometimes I just study the work in some different books. There is one that I cannot stop looking at:
"Colour and Light in Oils" by Nicholas Verrall I love his bold, colorful work.

Another one that I like, which is not about plein air painting per se, but does talk about it some, is : "A Guide to Drawing and Painting Nature" by Richard McDaniel

If you are interested in pastel painting, a few people that I think are wonderful are:
Sally Strand, Susan Oglive, Albert Handell, and Elizabeth Mowry.

Online a few painters who I follow quite a bit:
Tom Horn (paints plein air), Carol Marine, Marcia Burtt.

An interesting blog:

Any favouirires amongst thsi useful list of recommended reads?

There are some good titles I haven't seen before here.

Gonna print off Valerie's list and leave it lying around the house at the beginning of December in hope someone takes the hint...

I would recommend any of David Curtis's books/DVD's too.

Great list from Valerie I've bought/read many of them and I'd also like to recommend  J F Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting. Written in the 1920's (I think) with no colour plates but I've found it very clear and logical. One of my well thumbed books. 

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