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Dear Artist and Plein Eire member,

I would like to wish you a very happy New Year.

Whether your goal is to produce a plein air painting every week, to improve a specific skill like colour or drawing or to attend a painting course, now is the time to begin. Perhaps you plan to take a painting holiday, apply for a residency, treat yourself to some new piece of equipment, find a new gallery or simply make more painting sales, I hope 2014 is an inspirational 12 months for you.

Like all resolutions, it starts with a plan because, without one, usually you won't get far. My daughter with some of her best friends has a 'Resolution Club' . They get together in January over a meal and a glass of wine to write down what they hope to lose or gain or make come true over the year ahead and the message then goes into a sealed envelope. Then they open up last years' wish-list. It is full of fun and banter and it works for them.

I've already begun tidying and clearing out my workspace. There’s a fairly impressive stack of painting panels, freshly primed and I'm earmarking a couple of painting trips in a 2014 year-planner. If you haven't already started to make 2014 your best year, now is your chance to think over what you need to do.

I hope you will post a reply to this '2014' forum about your specific goals which may give inspiration and encouragement to others. What do you hope to achieve in your art before the year is out? You can't be too specific. Vague aims never score a bullseye. We have over 700 members. Perhaps, what you have to propose for yourself will ring a bell with someone else or they with you if you are willing to share your thoughts.

In the meantime, here is a little inspiration from Marc Hanson, one of my favourite American outdoor painters. He is challenging himself to produce 4 paintings per day for the month of  February. That is 112 paintings, rain or shine. You can see his video on the project here: Marc Hanson February 2014  and read his blog:  'Painting My Way through Life'.


By the way, as you may have noticed, Plein Eire website has a bit of spit and polish – well overdue, I might add. I hope you like the new look.

Don't forget you can change the look of your personal page, add your bio and any other website address you may have and raise your scrolling images nearer to the top of the page. Details here

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Sounds good, Tom. Keep us posted on the holiday!!

My heart sinks when I see 'a painting a day challenge' and now 4 a day - well that's just showing off! I'm sure we would all love to achieve things like that, but surely 'life' tends to get in the way.

Quantity is not the same as quality.


Valerie Syms Martin said:

Quantity is not the same as quality.

Marc Hanson does seem to achieve both - much gnashing of teeth - new years resolution? not to be jealous!

I'm just reading a short book by Carol Marine of DailyPaintworks and in it there's a photo of a new year destruction of all those paintings everyone does that don't quite cut the mustard. To clear out the studio and banish that doubt-inducing clutter. She invites her nearby artist friends along with theirs. Light the brazier and open a bottle of bordeaux and off you go! Nice idea. Stay positive.

barbara craig said:

Marc Hanson does seem to achieve both - much gnashing of teeth - new years resolution? not to be jealous!

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