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Has anyone used a large tv or computer monitor in the studio to view digtal photos while "tweaking" paintings done in the field? If so which did you prefer tv or computer monitor?

Computer or tv monitor for use in the studio? What experience has anyone had?


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Memory or not isn't the question; any  tool even a brush can and often is misused. An artist can profit from any tool. Some of you you sound rigid and zealous about inconsequential things. The soul and feel of your art are the important things, tools are just tools.

Hi William Sorry for any misunderstanding, wasn't really debating the issue i.e. was just agreeing my preferred way of working .. as always open to many ways of working and make use of as many tools whenever/wherever I can ;-)

I know it is a little 'off-topic' as this thread is primarily asking which photo-viewing machine is best, but as I came across a related article today I thought I'd share it here.


A short panel discussion among USA-based representational painters video on 'art and new technology' which may be of interest. It is mainly about use of photography vs painting from life.

Daniel Gerhartz, Rose Frantzen, Scott Burdick, Richard schmidt, Quanh Ho, Sherrie McGraw and Jeremy Lipking among those contributing.

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