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Friend coming to Ireland in September, wants to paint!

Hi all!  A woman I know from painting classes I take at a local art school is planning a trip to Ireland in September.  It will be herself and her husband.  She paints (really wonderfully!), and I was telling her all the wonderful things I had experienced in Ireland, and the wonderful people I had met, so I'm hoping she may want to meet up with some of you if possible.  She and her husband are planning the trip for sometime in September.  I told her to try to get to Wexford so she could possibly meet up with some of you there.  Then she was planning on going to the west, so I told her about John Dinan in Cong, and maybe meeting him, and seeing his gallery.  If I could pack myself in their suitcase I'd come too!

Louise Greer is her name, and she has lots of energy, and I know would be thrilled to meet people on a more personal basis than just traveling around the country.  Her husband doesn't paint, but she said she really wants to paint some.  So, I am going to give her the website here, and point her in the direction of all you folks!  Maybe she could be convinced to come to the AITO another year!

I have not done any plein air painting for quite a while, BECAUSE I have a show of all Irish paintings!  I have procrastinated terribly, as the show goes up April 2, in Maryland, near to where I grew up, about two and a half hours from where I live in Virginia.  So, I will be painting my fingers off to finish them up.  One 4 foot by 5 foot painting of the Aran Islands, Innis Oirre.  One from what I have been told is the oldest lighthouse in Europe, where I had a wonderful picnic with the family I stayed with there, near Galway, others from things I painted, sketched or photographed during the AITO 2011, and more.  The other woman in the show is showing her paintings from Italy, should be fun!

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Very best of luck with the show Elaine.  Would LOVE to see your paintings.

Regarding your friend our Plein Eire group - PE Boyne Valley meets every Saturday and of course she and her husband would be very welcome to join us.  We paint mostly in County Meath just north of Dublin and in County Louth  or even in north County Dublin sometimes.  If she is looking for painting company  other than on Saturdays she may contact me 086 8050177 and I'm sure I could put her in contact with someone of like mind.


Do let us have a preview of your exhibition paintings.


Sally Downey

Well, what are you waiting for?....Sign her up!    Use the 'Invite a Friend' tab.

Louise will be very welcome, I'm absolutely certain, at any of the groups on Plein Eire where she'll meet some great people who, as Sally says, are just looking for any excuse to pack up and go painting.

And, besides, any friend of Elaine Hurst is always welcome here.

Best of luck with the show and maybe post a blog/photos about it when you aren't so busy?

Yes, I will!  Absolutely right, Plein Eire Administrator!!  I have been locked in the studio, painting like crazy.  But time out to do these other things.  We are having a very "Irish Day" today, pretty much a "soft day", and so GREEN it almost hurts your eyes!  Our daughter just got home for a month visit from Wyoming, where it is NOT green right now, more like white....  She is amazed.  It has been so incrediably warm that everything is blooming and popping out.  So, any idea of greens in my paintings, I look out the window.  Ok, not really Ireland, but still, very green!  Thanks, Sally, I will tell Louise.  I am excited for them and their trip.

Thanks, Annemarie!  I will tell her.  She told me her husband isn't very patient, so she may have to paint whenever she gets the chance.  But I am giving her lots of information, and passing on peoples' names for her.  I will ask her where they are flying into.  Seems like she said they weren't going to Dublin, so that leaves Shannon. The opening for my show was really fun!  I had friends come who I had gone to school with a lonnnnggggg time ago, as well as some family.  It was in the area where I grew up, so that was fun.  I also had three sales that day!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for more.  My husband had to bring more paintings off our walls at home to put up where the sold pieces had been.  So the show became a cross of Irish paintings, horses, and veggies!  I had so much fun, I missed taking pictures at the opening, and both my husband and daughter forgot about it too.  Oh well.  Great fun had by all!

Hi Elaine

Louise would be most welcome to give me a shout and spend a day with me in Connemara. I live in the Maam Valley, although my gallery is in Moycullen ... both stunning spots for painting. I love having excuses to get out the paint brushes instead of the administrative laptop! She can find me easily through either of these websites:


Thanks Lynda!  I will pass on the information.  I am taking notes also, for the next time I can go back to Ireland!

You're most welcome Elaine!

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